Tuesday, 21 November 2017

La Club 2020 & Friends in Second Life

Shrek, Annie & Donkey
I was looking through a recent blog by Japanese Second Lifer Yana, when my attention was drawn to a picture of her posing with Shrek. Jealous of her meeting such a famous celebratory I decided to investigate further and found myself at LA Club 2020& Friends.
Donald Duck & in the distance Mickey and Minnie Mouse
Owned by Nhaomi Morrisey, LA Club 2020 is a music club with an impressive line up of  live acts five days a week. Currently surrounding the dance floor is a snow scene full of photo opportunities and this is where I concentrated my time today..
LA Club 2020
Dancing with Dumbo
I am slightly nervous of the cat
Discussing the set up for the next shot with Snow White

Nhaomi Morrisey owner of LA Club 2020
LA Club 2020 can be found on Facebook and Flickr,  and details of their acts can be found in their Events Calendar. 

Monday, 20 November 2017


Screenshot from 'Loving Vincent'
The  public's on going  fascination with the 19th Century tormented genius Vincent Van Gogh seems set to continue with the recent release of  'Loving Vincent' a remarkable feature length painted animation film.

Visiting 'The Art of Vincent Van Gogh' exhibition
 To coincide with the release of the film the Blue Lagoon Club has organised an exhibition of over 80 of Van Gogh's paintings on display at the Upper Art Gallery at Harmony Castle

Each painting is individually labelled
Unfortunately I missed the opening night on Saturday when DJ Colin Scientist played music from the film together with some French classic music contemporary with Van Gogh but managed to drop in earlier today. 
Visiting the 'Art of Vincent Van Gogh' exhibition
There is a notecard biography of the artist together with notes for the individual paintings he dates and each work is also individually labelled; I was surprised how close the dates of the paintings were to each other.

The Blue Lagoon Club are known for their regular classical music events, the next is a Hungarian and Polish Classical Ball Tuesday 21st November 2.30 - 4pm slt

Saturday, 18 November 2017


Creations - Milly Sharple
Barely a month ago I blogged the good news that artist Milly Sharple had returned to Second Life  in response to the many messages of support  she had received since announcing her retirement from  virtual art and had opened a new Gallery, 'Creations' at Cynefin  with over 50 works on display.
'Creations' Milly Sharple
 I had imagined with such a prodigious outpouring of creativity there would be little more news from Milly for a while, but last week I received a message from Milly that she had been busy and as a result  needed to add a further floor to her gallery!
'Creations' Milly Sharple

So today with my curiosity raised by Milly's note I returned  to Cynefin which according to the place profile is " A Welsh word for a place where a being feels it ought to live. It is where nature around you feels right and welcoming." 
Milly is perhaps most well known for her beautiful and very striking fractal art however the new gallery shows a change in emphasise which the artist acknowledged stating "the reason I called the Gallery 'Creations' is that the art is mixed media - combinations of photography, fractals and various other media and filters.
'Creations' Milly Sharple

As Milly had indicated, a completely new floor has been added to the gallery almost doubling the number of pictures on display; and what works they are; stunning is the best one word description that comes to mind.  Rich and vibrant colours,  butterflies, birds and flowers, woodland scenes and more! I have tried to capture  the feel of the art in my photographs but they have to be seen in the gallery to be fully appreciated. Milly has made one of her works available free for collection from the gallery; however there is a limited supply so I would suggest a visit sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment.
'Creations' Milly Sharple

Should you wish to own one of these magnificent works in real life they can be purchased online.
I am so pleased that Milly seems to have rekindled her enthusiasm for Second Life and look forward to seeing more from her in the coming months.
Taxi to 'Creations' Cynefin, Second Life

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Milly Sharple's 'Creations' Cynefin, Second Life

Back in August, artist Milly Sharple, retired from the Second Life Arts scene, closing the doors of her “Fractal Insanity” exhibition at Timamoon bringing to an end a nine year career in virtual art, but such was the clamour from disappointed supporters that Milly has relented and opened a small gallery  “to keep the peace”
.Milly is perhaps most famed for her beautiful and very striking fractal art, however the new gallery shows a new phrase in her work “ The reason I called the gallery ‘Creations  is that the art is mixed media – combinations of photography , fractals and various other media and filters.
 If like me you fall in love with Milly’s work you will the pleased to know that all the pictures are for sale and you can even buy them in the real world  https://amanda-moore.pixels.com
 Milly Sharple's new gallery Creations, Cynefin, Alma.

Monday, 13 March 2017

Festival of Hanatoro. - Kyoto Kagai, Midnight Sun in Second Life

One of the delights of Second Life is the huge diversity of experiences available. For example on Sunday I received an invitation to attend  the Festival of Hanatoro being held in Kyoto Kagai to coincide with the real life Festival being held in Hanatoro (花灯路, Hanatōro), which means "flower and light road Kyoto.
 During the Festival of Hanatoro live and street performances are held at stages around the area and it was one of these being replicated in Kyoto Kagai that I had gone to see performed by the Maiko of Hanafusa at the Yasaka Shrine  
 We were treated to performances of three traditional Fan Dances (Maiougi Sensu) by the Maiko, while stories were related, including the supernatural Japanese Folklore myth "The Golden Hairpin"
Hanafusa Okiya take a pride in the authenticity and accuracy of their dances  and stories, you can see a real life performance of the same event here.

If like me you would like to experience a traditional event, perhaps witness another Fan Dance or attend a Tea Ceremony you will find more information via the Hanafusa Okiya Blog.
I hope to visit Kyoto Kagai, Midnight Sun again soon and take some more pictures especially now it is Cherry Blossom time.

Friday, 3 March 2017


I am always searching for something new to do in Second Life so  when I saw a blog post entitled "Skate-O-Rama is open! Come over for some fun!" I grabbed my old Roller boots and sped over to the newly created skate park at Calas Galadhon.
Upon arrival a note explains  the rules that Calas Galadhon has in place regarding scripts; 200 while exploring, 100 during shows,  A helpfully placed script counter which appears as a pink roller boot gave me the all clear, 21 scripts 912KB memory.
 You actually  rezz on the wrong side of the busy Route 66 South of the Skate-O-Rama building. Care should be taken while crossing, on long highways at night it is all to easy to misjudge the speed of an approaching lorry.
The Skate-O-Rama building is an impressive sight lit up at night.
In front of the building, the carpark  is a classic car lovers delight, filled with vehicles like a 1958 Impala Convertible, Oldsmobiles, TBirds and even a 1912 Model T. If the sight of these classics gets your pulse racing you can trace the creator and buy one yourself for as little as 100L. After I finished skating I went over to Axtel's Autos to do some test driving.
Outside the building there are a number of little touches that make a build that bit more interesting; I will leave you to search yourself  for the  Aliens or look for the Motel, I looked for wildlife and  captured the drama of a Wolf hunting a Jack Rabbit in the gloom.
I have to make a mention about the flora on show,  It never occurred to me before that that there would be much variety in Cacti and Succulents available to SL landscapers, but having seen the range of species here, I feel like trying to build one myself.
Skate-O-Rama has a 1950s feel about it, when  I sat in the Diner I half  expected Marty McFly to walk in at any moment.
Along side the rink is a stage for live performances and a full schedule of performances for March is available here. Most of the shows are scheduled for 7pm SLT but there are two shows at 2pm SLT which should be easier for Europeans to attend.
 Free skates are available near the entrance next to the 'Free' group joiner. I understand the rink is only open for the month of March, so  if you are interested do not put off a visit.

Monday, 2 January 2017

PeTOu, Everheart in Second Life

I recently discovered PeTOu, a new sim owned by υϯα(xoyuutaox) the former owner of Roche which sadly closed back in September this year.
At ground level PeTOu is a winter snow covered sim full of photographic opportunities; a snowman here, a huge snowglobe there, a house next and so on.  I wish I could spend more time exploring but to do so would risk this blog never being completed.
At the arrival point you are greeted with five useful teleports which take you to The Church, and Cafe. both at ground level, and Japonsky, Roofs of Paris, and Koi which are skyboxes/platforms.
Two pictures of the interior of the very detailed Cafe.
Japonsky is a place of flowers, lights and bridges and goldfish floating in the air, Far more interesting than it sounds from my description.
I really like Koi, the base for which is "My Little Pond"  by{-Maru Kado-} and Mato, and increased in size many hundreds of times and imaginatively decorated.  To give you an idea of scale, I am in the picture on the right hand side sitting on a ring chair.
The last teleport takes you to Roofs of Paris by Marie Lauridsen.

PeTOu is a an interesting a beautiful place and I highly recommend a visit for SL Explorers and Photographers alike.