Monday, 2 January 2017

PeTOu, Everheart in Second Life

I recently discovered PeTOu, a new sim owned by υϯα(xoyuutaox) the former owner of Roche which sadly closed back in September this year.
At ground level PeTOu is a winter snow covered sim full of photographic opportunities; a snowman here, a huge snowglobe there, a house next and so on.  I wish I could spend more time exploring but to do so would risk this blog never being completed.
At the arrival point you are greeted with five useful teleports which take you to The Church, and Cafe. both at ground level, and Japonsky, Roofs of Paris, and Koi which are skyboxes/platforms.
Two pictures of the interior of the very detailed Cafe.
Japonsky is a place of flowers, lights and bridges and goldfish floating in the air, Far more interesting than it sounds from my description.
I really like Koi, the base for which is "My Little Pond"  by{-Maru Kado-} and Mato, and increased in size many hundreds of times and imaginatively decorated.  To give you an idea of scale, I am in the picture on the right hand side sitting on a ring chair.
The last teleport takes you to Roofs of Paris by Marie Lauridsen.

PeTOu is a an interesting a beautiful place and I highly recommend a visit for SL Explorers and Photographers alike.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Anibrm Jung opens at Gallery Graine - Second Life

A new exhibition of Real Life photographs by award winning Dutch photographer Anibrm Jung  opened Sunday December 11th 12pm slt at Gallery Graine, Blue Curacao.
The collection which fills both floors of the gallery reveals Ani's love of nature with many of the pictures taken in her own garden using  her Nikon D60 camera.
Remarkably Ani uses no cropping or image manipulation,  instead the Second Life veteran who celebrated her 10th rez day earlier this month, relies on her viewfinder to frame her pictures.  I like the naturalness, the apparent spontaneity of some of the pictures (have you ever tried to get a cat to pose for a picture?)  a naturalness achieved thanks to Ani's technical skills.
All of the pictures are available for sale,  and not known for my decisiveness I took an age to decide which among all the stunning pictures I would buy, before I settled on "The Power of Love" a beautiful white bloom.
For lovers of flowers, cats and photography I recommend a visit.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

1920's New York Project , Prescott - Second Life

Pearl Street, Second Life, compare with 1920s picture below
The 1920s Berlin Project is probably one of the most well known sims in second Life even having it's own page on wikipedia, however there are other, less well known historical sims that are also worthy of exploration, the latest of which is the 1920's New York Project, which is intended to be a faithful reconstruction of a section of lower Manhattan around 1926
69 - 181 Pearl Street, view at ground level, New York, New York, late 1920s. (Photo by William J. Roege/The New York Historical Society/Getty Images).
another view of Pearl Sreet, Original photo on the left, recreation on the right

The plan is to replicate Lower Manhatten in the 1920s, speakeasies,  street cars,subway, elevated train line and all is the brainchild of 3D designer, Jogi Schultz. Although far from completed the work so far is very impressive and shops and apartments are already occupied.


American Museum of Women in Civil Services, City of New River, Wolf Haven, Second life

While talking to Elliot (ladyangeldust) the owner/designer/curator of The Women of Science History Museum, it was revealed that a further Museum had only recently been completed and I was invited over to take a guided tour; of course I jumped at the chance.

The American Museum of Women in Civil Services is housed in an unassuming two story brick building  within the City of New River residential/role play sim. The layout of the Museum is very similar to that of the  Women of Science exhibition, eleven women are included with a display for each woman which includes photographs, and an informative biography, Notecards are also available for each woman which you obtain by clicking on a white star placed prominently on the display. The occupations of the women includes Firefighters, Soldiers, Police, National Park Warden, and members of the Military Forces. .

Whilst perhaps not having such a broad appeal as the  Women of Science Museum I still found the displays of considerable interest.  None of the Women's stories were previously known to me I have spent sometime since visiting researching more information on these  pioneers,  and others with similar histories but based in UK.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The Plain of Jars, Tefa of Sand in Second life

From the notecard of Fitch Lekvoda received on arrival
"The Plain of Jars, a vast plain of hundreds upon hundred of massive stone urns and ewers, the makers long since lost to antiquity along with their purpose...

Some recall the legend of the giant king's victory banquet. believing the jars to be the leftover alcohol vessels from that banquet.  Others think of a more mundane purpose, to collect rain water for passing caravans....

Whatever their purpose, the Plain of Jars awaits silently for the intrepid to come and explore it's mysteries."
There are a lot of Jars here, the notecard states that "1029 urns, ewers, jars. and vases were used for this build" and while I have not counted them I certainly would not question that number.
At first glance it is hard to judge the scale of all these vases, so I have overcome my natural shyness to pose in this picture near the centre.

Extraordinary as it may seem the Plain of Jars exists in real life..  There are several Neolithic sites in Laos identified as Plains of Jars and their is considerable speculation as to their original purpose.

Apart from the Jars stretching away to the horizon there is little else to be seen apart from two trees.
The Plain of Jars is a place to visit for SL bloggers, photographers and for the curious too. Perhaps you can discover the purposes of this jar site, as not everything is immediately apparent.

Thursday, 17 November 2016


Saer's Secret Garden is a magical mysterious place set in deep dense verdant woodland, it is home to  brilliantly coloured flowers and huge fungi.
Peering through the dense undergrowth you may see deer with grazing.
While butterflies, sparkling like living jewels flit all around.
A group of health conscious frogs practice Yoga
While fairies follow your every move
Owner Saer Genosse has provided virtual travellers with a great place to escape the realities of the real world for a few minutes, an oasis of calm and wonder, so why not visit, take photographs, search for the Unicorn, hunt for the Fairy Queen in her hiding place, or simply sit, relax, listen to the birdsong and watch the fairies and butterflies as the flit hither and thither.

Monday, 7 November 2016


When I received an invitation on what looked like parchment inviting me to visit a mysterious unknown land I was intrigued. An accompanying note read:

"Athanaric and I have opened our home for everyone. We open our land from 7.11.16 - 14.11.2016
Enough spots to discover and many surprises will wait for you. So take out your cameras! You all will be very surprised ;-) We are looking forward to see what you will capture :-) Athanaric & Edana"

.An adventure! Just what I needed on this cold grey Autumn day. Thankfully no long and hazardous sea journey was needed to get there,  just a few clicks of the mouse and there I was!
I took a few pictures, and was home again in time for tea!  Just my kind of exploring.

You have just one week to take up the offer of Athanaric von Caucaland (athanaric.newey) and vV Edana Vv von Caucaland (vvedanavv) and visit The Kingdom of Caucaland
Don't forget to take your camera.